Thursday, August 10, 2006

Consuming Amazon Webservices with Coldfusion MX

Web services are one of the most exciting emerging technologies. Macromedia ColdFusion MX makes it easy to create and publish a web service. A web service is a new way to perform remote procedure calls. This article will step you through the process of using ColdFusion MX to create a web service that will allow associates to access an XML resource feed.

To use this, you must be an associate. You can sign up to become an associate at

Understanding the affiliates XML feedIn March of 2002, began offering an XML feed of their products to people, companies, and websites that have signed up to be affiliates. Using these special URLs, an affiliate can search or browse through products.

* You can use the XML feed with either a keyword search or a browse search. The URL is slightly different depending on which type of search you want to perform. These are the elements of the URL: This is the URL that you can use to access the resource feed. This will be a static value.

* ?t=[Associates ID]: The query string of the URL starts with the Associates ID, as specified by the letter t.

* &mode=[product line]: The mode URL variable is used to specify books, software, music, or other search areas. Affiliates can get a complete list of mode values from their sign in area at The mode value accepts a string value.

* &browse=[browse ID]: The browse parameter specifies the type of products that you wish to browse through. The browse variable accepts a numerical value. This parameter cannot be used with the search parameter.

* &search=[subject keyword]: You can use the search URL variable to specify what you want to search on. This parameter cannot be used with the browse parameter. Multiple search parameters can be used if you separate each keyword with the plus sign.

* &l=st1&p=102&o=1&f=xml: The remainder of the query string contains these static values. The documentation for the resource feed does not discuss using these values, but if you do not specify them, an error is returned.
By combining these elements, you can create a URL to retrieve an XML feed from Browse the following URL. It will return ColdFusion books in an XML feed format: instantcoldfu-20&mode=books&search=ColdFusion
The URL returns an XML document, which you can manipulate in any way that you wish.


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